From Streets to Homes

Feature stories


Zbiza, Keira, Django, Fiona, Zoë and Thor represent Regina’s own family. From small rescues to finding homes, Regina has been an animal activist for quite some time now. It is considered her own passion to actually help animals on this planet. She explained that she chose to help animals instead of humans because she believes that there are many types of rescuers. She does this on her own without any funding or help except the help of her friends who actually rescue animals as well.

When living on this planet, people belong to the circle of life. Once this circle starts to break, people would be affected as well. What Regina tried to explain is that people are in danger and don’t deserve to live on this planet. Planet earth doesn’t need people to survive but people need her. Animals can live on this planet peacefully without the presence of human beings, but people might be affected by this. Sharks for example are the main system of the ocean, without them the ocean would lose some of its functions. After helping an animal Regina would feel happy and satisfied, because she knows that she did something good and will matter later on. Many people share the same passion as Regina, and they are the ones who would help the earth heal. Planet earth is losing her creatures and gases, but what are people doing to actually maintain them?


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