News Truth

Mixed Articles

False, wrong, and made-up news are the characteristics of a fake news. TV stations, radio, and even social media make a huge impact on people’s knowledge. When media platforms tell the true story, they are contributing in creating a more aware society. If news is provided from one point of view without telling the full story, then it is considered fake. News are credible and accurate, so they shouldn’t be biased or subjective. Some websites create content in order to get the most clicks and views, but what they are providing isn’t 100% real or verified. Most of those articles are based on gossip and opinions. After using such sources, a lot of mistakes can happen and some news might be spread in a wrong way.

Politicians might say anything just to promote their campaigns for the election, or they might create some fake news to weaken their opponents. Fake news can also be spread via Facebook which is considered one of the most none reliable sources to get news from. Some newspapers or TV website might use wrong information to add to their original posts. For example, Lebanon being added to the U.S visa waiver program is wrong.

Another example is when a text message was circulated in Lebanon and the content of it was totally made up by an unknown person who claimed that Reuters reported about that “Hezbollah kidnaped top ranking Mossad intelligence officers in Israel’s elite class”

Post-truth politics are based on emotions and appeals without referring to the real details of the situation, and what is based on emotion cannot be considered news. A lot of journalists use this technique to appeal to the emotions of their audience, but they end up losing credibility and trust.
When it comes to deception, people would actually know if something is wrong with the report. Leaving a gaps in the meaning will not help the reporter explain the issue. To consider a source reliable, it has to provide a reasonable context and credible evidence. If the report starts with “from a very credible source” without referring to the source, then it is most of the time false news. If the report lacks accuracy, it might be outdated. And if the interviewees were not related to the topic, it is not a credible report.

Many pages share credible sources and fact check items to provide it to the public.,, and are websites that fact check news and political statements. In Lebanon there is new page on Facebook that provide such facility , and the name is or “وزارة الإعلام البديل”.

Fact checking :

When it come to the article published by the “independent”, the information is accurate, but they aren’t 100% credible. The leaked internal EU document does not refer to any side of the story, it is not signed, and it looked like it was written by an EU company and not the government. The writer was accusing the EU for blocking discussions in the UN climate talks in Paris. Some changes were made with the information to make it look like the EU is opposing their climate change agreement. He claimed that the deal with TTIP would actually make CO2 pump into the atmosphere, while the EU was actually committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

A lot of the information in the article are correct, but they might be considered bias especially that the writer ended his article with “shame on them” and gave one side of the story. He only explained the dangers that might happen without referring to the reasons that got the EU to take those decisions. The writer did mention something that is not actually efficient, and it is that there is no solution for climate change if EU keeps on dealing with TTIP. But climate change cannot only be done by the EU, it’s an international agreement that needs to be discussed. The COP21 conference had many elements and decisions that were made by the EU and other countries. The EU has laws and regulations to consider while making a contract. What happened with the TTIP is a new deal that might lead EU to break some of its own rules while dealing with the issue.


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