A Data World

Mixed Articles

Data is everywhere and can contain facts, statistics, codes, and many other information. It is considered one of the most important archive of information.

“Your personal information is now the world’s most valuable commodity”-Ramona Pringle, CBC news.

In the region, most of the news agencies and TV stations are up-to-date when it comes to this issue. Most of the TV channels have pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms. Since most of their audience is present online then they had to be as well. People’s personal and public information are posted online and everyone can see it. What news agencies and TV channels are trying to do is adding the latest techniques to their platforms even if they aren’t well equipped or ready for the changes. But, a lot of them still lack the knowledge when it comes to the latest technology and the internet. One of the most updated channels is Aljazeera which is considered similar to many TV channels in the west. With the internet anything can reach anyone even if its fake.

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What Lebanese channels lack is a fact checking group to make their news more credible. New techniques are provided, a lot of things can be changed on the latest websites, and many methods have changed. In Lebanon most of the channels still use the old school techniques when it comes to writing. They forget that their stories lack life and accuracy. But, they are working on improving the big data and the artificial intelligence world.

One of the most up to date country when it comes to technologies and the new journalistic techniques is Dubai and the golf region. They are working on their web and data techniques in order to keep up with everything. Lebanon doesn’t have enough rights when it comes to data and its accessibility. A lot of online content are censured, the data is limited, and they are taking their internet from one provider.










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